Easter Decorations in the Oasis Dining Hall

This year we decided to do a little Easter decorating in the dining hall of Oasis for the various retreats visiting from March through April. These Easter decorations add a fresh Spring feel to the dining room.

What are your best tips for Easter Decorations?

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New Decorations for the Fall Season

We decided to be a little more outgoing with our Fall decorations this year by truly bringing the experience of falling leaves indoors.

Special thanks to Donna K for coming up with the idea and helping. She does the majority of our decorations, and they always turn out fantastic!

Fall is one of our busiest seasons here at Oasis Retreat. It is incredibly beautiful with the leaves changing colors and slightly cooler temperatures.

We highly recommend treating your fall date like season tickets in football by rolling over your fall date from year to year to keep it secure. 🙂

What do you think about this year’s fall decorations?

New look for the sanctuary!

When you step into the sanctuary here at Oasis Retreat, you will immediately notice a major improvement… The new columns and cross on our back wall!

We believe this makes the overall flow of the room much better.  Plus the addition of the cross and columns provides an excellent backdrop for photos taken in the chapel during your retreat.

The outside 4-tier water fountain has also been repainted and accented with a colorful flowerbed.  It makes for a perfect outdoor “Oasis.”

[image title=”Oasis Retreat Sanctuary Cross” align=”left” autoHeight=”true”]http://www.oasischristiancenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/DSC00856.jpg[/image]

[image title=”Oasis Retreat Fountain and Flowers” align=”right” autoHeight=”true”]http://www.oasischristiancenter.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/DSC00853.jpg[/image]

What do you think?

March Decorations

We have recently changed our decorations in the dining hall for Spring. What do you think?

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Subscriptions and Features

With the launch of our new site we wanted to write a short post about the various ways you can follow all the happenings with Oasis Christian Center & Retreat.

Ways to follow

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By entering your email address in the field directly to the right you can rest assured that you will never miss a blog post from us. We plan to expand our blog this year by including retreat ideas, property & event updates, and major announcements. There are also talks about a potential referral program coming to help you get a deal on your next retreat! You do not want to miss that post. Take 30 seconds and signup now.

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Our Oasis newsletter is a monthly newsletter that goes out highlighting a featured blog post and reminding churches and event coordinators to book future retreats. This is not a spam-like newsletter you may be accustomed too. It seriously goes out 12 or less times a year and is 2-3 paragraphs in length. Plus if you don’t like it there is an easily noticeable unsubscribe link at the top or bottom. If it’s not for you, no worries and no hard feelings.

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[dropcap2 color=”green”]3[/dropcap2] Facebook

All blog posts will be posted at least once on our Facebook page and your feedback is appreciated. We also will ask questions from time to time to get valuable input from you.

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Like Facebook, our blog posts will be posted here as well. This is simply another means to follow us. You can also send us a reply to @oasisretreat and we will respond as soon as we see it.

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Along the same lines as following us, you can interact with on our blog or reviews page through standard comments or by logging into your various social media outlets and commenting through them.

I have recently migrated all our old Facebook comments into Disqus and would greatly appreciate some new comments from you for the recent comments area. Please find an article from our archives and leave a comment on it.

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You can now share any post on our website by simply clicking the orange “share” box at the bottom of the article. Once the share window appears, you can select the social media outlet of your choice to share on. It will post a link and a picture related to the post in your news feed. We would love for you to find an article in our archives and try “sharing” it.

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[dropcap2 color=”magenta”]3[/dropcap2] Event Pictures

We recently set up a dedicated microsite for you to download pictures from your event. Please note, that we do not take pictures at every event here at Oasis, but sometimes a banquet or event will request group photos. We will usually post them to be downloaded here: events.oasischristiancenter.com.

More to come

Seriously, we have more features planned to be implemented throughout the year.

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3 Very Different Pictures From Oasis Retreat

Recently these 3 very different and fun pictures were taken here at Oasis Retreat using cell phone cameras.

The Happy Plate

This was taken one night as we were cleaning dishes for a retreat. Now if we could just Ebay it like all the other “faces in objects” items, we would be in business!

Happy Plate

War Hammers

This was a unique idea a ladies group had that stayed here recently. The stage was lined with these decorated “War Hammers,” and each lady in attendance received one at the end of the event.

War Hammers

Oasis Army?

We have our own fleet of Army helicopters that fly over Oasis Retreat every so often. Being positioned between two bases allows for this very cool picture of military helicopters directly over our buildings one Tuesday evening at sunset.

Oasis Retreat Military Helicopter

Which was your favorite?

Let us know which one you liked best by commenting below with your favorite.

Oasis Commercial! Please share it.

We are excited to show you the new Oasis Christian Center & Retreat commercial! It is only 60 seconds and can be used for TV as well as YouTube advertising.

We hope you will do us the honor of sharing it with as many people as you know by posting it on your Facebook, websites and other social media outlets. You can easily do so by copying and pasting this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdpeas5EME4

Let us know what you think about the video by commenting below!

October Improvements

October has been exciting here at Oasis. We have made significant improvements to the grounds.

First, we added the much anticipated disc golf course! Starting off, it is a three basket course that can be played frontwards and backwards. You can also play from the third basket to the first for an extra long throw distance. We plan on having more baskets in the future, but the initial response from various retreat players has been very good! We know your group will love it!

You can bring your own discs or check out one of the 12 driver discs we have at Oasis.

Second, we added benches and a 12 foot adult sized picnic table to our second pavilion area at the 36 person dorm. This provides a relaxing area out of the sun with a cool breeze to sit with your group.

Lastly, with the weather cooling off a bit we’ve been able to stain all of the decks, porches, benches and the picnic table on the grounds. We went with a matching green, and they look great! Just check the pictures below.

Let us know what you think about the improvements by commenting below or on our Facebook page.

New couches donated!

Lately we have been wanting to upgrade the furniture in the dining hall. So Thursday Janet posted on her personal Facebook page that we were going to be looking for some new furniture, and if anyone had some they were willing to sell to send us a picture to consider buying it. She posted it at 7:04 am and around 9:30 am we received a phone call from someone telling us that we have been on their minds, and that they wanted to donate the brand new furniture we asked for to Oasis. All we had to do was go pick out what we wanted!

After a day of shopping we ended up buying two identical sets from Furniture Warehouse. While there we found out that the owners and their family are good Christian people. They were very friendly and we enjoyed doing business with them.

Below is an image of the new furniture and the evidence of God’s amazing miracles. He is always there for us in all we do.

Luke 11:9 (NIV) – So I say to you: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter from everyone at Oasis!

5 New Signs Added

To help first time groups staying at Oasis we added 5 new directional signs.


  1. HWY-100 & Stony Point Rd.
  2. New Roe Rd. & Stony Point Rd.
  3. HWY-52 & HWY-174 (Dobbins Pike)
  4. HWY-174 (Dobbins Pike) & Nubia Rd.
  5. At a 4-way stop located on Nubia Rd.

*Nubia Rd. turns into New Roe Rd. as you cross the TN/KY state line.

Christmas At Oasis Retreat

Plan early for your next Christmas banquet.